All-purpose accessory for insane athletes

  • This was printed in January of 2015 in The Madera Tribune, a newspaper in Madera, California. This was the 86th installment of my weekly column, Mind Over Miles.

There’s a bumper sticker that reads, “Running is a mental sport and we are all insane.”

All of the runners who continue to lace up their shoes and hit the pavement at 5 a.m.

through the dead of winter prove this to be true. While others are snuggled under the

covers getting their beauty sleep, we’re burning calories and logging miles in the frosty,

foggy 28-degree chill.

Yes, it’s bitter cold, but that’s what cold-weather running gear is for.

Besides the obvious, like moisture-wicking base layers (pants and long-sleeved shirts),

jackets, knit caps and gloves, there is one simple piece of fabric that can mean the

difference between a chilly run and an uncomfortably chilly run — a multi-use neck


Some may be familiar with the brand name Buff — the seamless tube of fabric was made

famous by the reality show Survivor more than a decade ago. Survivor contestants used

the tube of fabric, about 18 inches long, as a head wrap, armband, cap and more. The

thinnest women even wore it as a tube-top.

In November as I was shopping for cold-weather gear for the upcoming winter, I saw the

price tag on a Buff and thought, ‘I bet I could make this for way less than $20.’

I did some research, bought fabric that I liked, borrowed a friend’s sewing machine and

got to work. A half hour later I was holding three tubes of fabric that functioned like

Buffs — only they were softer and in colors and patterns I actually loved.

‘I could sell these to raise money to go to the Boston Marathon,’ I thought.

And that is how The Myriad by Gazelle Gear was born.

Myriad, as an adjective, means countless, endless, infinite or multiple — which is exactly

how many ways you can wear The Myriad. The multifunctional accessory can be worn as

a headband, hairband, neck gaiter, face mask, balaclava, beanie, hood, wristband, hat

liner, ‘do rag, and myriad other uses.

My seven-week-old company, Gazelle Gear, offers The Myriad in unique patterns and

colors — handmade with love — at less than half the price of larger companies. (Thank

you Audrey and Kenny Crow and Amber Carranza for helping make them!)

My Madera customers have used The Myriad to tame flyaways, protect skin, wipe away

sweat and snot, and much more.

I use my Myriads as beanies to trap heat and keep my ears warm in chilly weather or as

balaclavas (picture a ninja mask) to protect my face from harsh temperatures and make it

easier to breathe ice-cold air.

Cyclists like to wear them as helmet liners, covering their head and hair for protection

and to absorb sweat. Yogis and weight lifters also use them to keep hair and sweat out of

their faces.

I am selling each Myriad for $8, or two for $15, to raise money for Audrey and I to go to

the Boston Marathon in April. Visit or Like the Gazelle Gear page

on Facebook for more information and to order.


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