Lack of foresight

So I totally didn’t realize a new belly piercing would have any effect on my running.

I was concerned about the daith piercing (inner cartilage of the ear) because I wear headbands and hats while I run, and I knew any pressure on a new piercing like that would hurt.

When I opted out of the daith and decided on the navel jewelry instead, I didn’t think twice about running. I’ve had my belly pierced before (one on the top and one on the bottom) and don’t remember having any issues. I was 15 or 16 and I ran cross country and track without a problem. I don’t remember which month I got the piercings, however, and if it was between seasons.

Last night I tried to run the 8 steps down my hallway to test out my leg. I focused my mental “eye” on the back of my right knee, where the tendons are strained. I was going to try to pinpoint where the pain was, if there indeed was any pain. But as I took the first two steps I was caught off guard by the pain at my navel. I have no idea if my leg even hurt, because my tummy was like, “Ow!”

I guess my mommy tummy jiggles just enough to upset the new piercing when I run. Great.

Now I have another thing to worry about when Miwok comes around in … 25 days.


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