And my wall came tumbling down

I ran a mile yesterday. I felt great. Clocked it at 8:11. The rest of the evening I felt great. I woke up this morning feeling great. Finally, my rehab was over and it was time to start training for Miwok, which is 12 days away.

My PT told me on Friday, “Low low low mileage, slooooowww.” So I went out this morning determined to do absolutely no more than 3 miles. And to my amazement I easily stopped after two miles. That’s it. I drove all the way out to the park to join my running buddies and then ran for 20 whole minutes. I normally wouldn’t bother getting out of bed for some petty shit like that. Two miles? Pfff.

The run felt great. My belly button hurt for the first few minutes (the piercing is still not completely healed) and then nothing hurt.

I got in my car, drove home, did a little bit of yoga and took a shower.

Then everything started to hurt.


I feel like I am back to square one — like all these weeks of rehab were just tossed out the window. My “wall” that I had been building, brick by brick, Anodyne treatment by Anodyne treatment, yoga class by yoga class… destroyed. I could see it crumble.

My right popliteus is angry. My hamstrings are extremely tight. Even my left popliteus began to hurt toward the end of the day.

Most of my day was spent on the verge of tears. Pain, I can handle. It’s the discouraging feeling of knowing that I really shouldn’t run Miwok that hurts. No training, strained muscle(s??) and tight hammies … this race is going to hurt.

Will I get any enjoyment out of this? Will the beauty of the course and the Western States qualifier (if I finish) be any consolation?

I guess we’ll find out on May 7.


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