Gazelle vs. Goliath

My attitude continues to flip-flop.

One second a surge of confidence runs through my veins and it’s, “Come at me, Miwok! You don’t scare me with your big, bad hills or your hallucinations. I’m ready for you! You betta be scurred of ME!”

The next minute I’m like, “Aw Miwok, you’re so beautiful. Let’s just have a fun time on Saturday. You can show me all of your beautiful redwoods and that mysterious abandoned car. And I’ll just caress your trail with my humble feet.”

Then I resort to bargaining. “I know you’re tough, but you know I’m tough, too. Let’s just be cool on Saturday, yeah? Give me some nice weather, someone to talk to, and get me to the finish line. Then I promise I won’t ever insult you and your keychain-havin’ ass again. Ya dig?”

It’s roughly 30 hours to the starting time but all I know is 1) my attitude WILL be in check and 2) I’m crossing that finish line on Saturday.




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