As the owner of a small business, I know the hard work and late nights that go into creating a product that you hope people will choose over those produced by large corporations. Small business owners have to be creative and innovative to offer a product that is different from the rest.

I have a friend who is a brilliant entrepreneur and the most creative person I know. She is the proud owner of Endure Jewelry Co. and designs each piece of jewelry and every item of clothing by herself.

One of her most popular designs is the Run Smiley series. If you’re a runner, you’ve probably noticed the blissful smiley face — whose eyes are the letters “r” and “n” and whose nose is a “u” — across a tank top, t-shirt or long sleeve performance top or hoodie. They’re everywhere, and for good reason. The design is beyond cute and comes in a variety of colors and variations for holidays.


The Run Smiley design is practically synonymous with Endure. That’s why it’s so disappointing to see that a big corporation has seemingly stolen this design — yet made it less attractive — and is now mass producing it.

Yes, I’m talking about you, Nike.

Nike has not paid Sunny, the owner of Endure and of this design, to use any version of the Run Smiley.  It’s just pathetic for one of the largest athletic companies out there to steal from a small, minority-owned, woman-owned business.

Through her fantastic designs for both jewelry and apparel, this single mom has supported herself and her son. Now Nike wants take her brilliant ideas and make millions?

Here’s Sunny’s perspective, in her own words:


‪#‎BLOODSWEATandTEARS‬ I’m going to be brutally honest. This Sunny girl hasn’t been feeling very sunny the last few days. I feel sick to my stomach, discouraged, and heartbroken. This red paint represents just that. One of the largest athletic companies in the world, @Nike, has recently sold a shirt that is strikingly similar to our best selling design. Yet they deny copying it and also claim they aren’t similar (see comparison). As a single mother, my company Endure has been me and my son’s main source of income that has supported us over the last year and a half. Nike is known for being aggressive when it comes to lawsuits and I’ve been advised not to sue them since fighting a giant like Nike would be an uphill battle for such a small business. In support of our small business, as well as all the other small businesses out there, I encourage you to stand with me as I ‪#‎PaintMyNikesRed‬ to represent the blood sweat and tears that have been shed. I’ve worked almost seven years to bring this dream of mine to life. You can even paint just the ‪#‎NikeSwoosh‬ on your accessories and apparel to show your support. We want to make them resemble blood! You don’t have to paint your whole shoe, you can use whatever red paint you choose. Anyone who participates is entitled to 50% off the original version of this design, just email me for your coupon code.
. ‪#‎NIKEsucksBLOOD‬
‪#‎nobodymakesmebleedmyownblood‬ ‪#‎nikebloodshed‬


Please share this post. Maybe we can all get Nike to stand down and remove this design from their line — or pay royalties to Endure for using it.
‪#‎NikeSteals‬ ‪#‎ProtectArtistRights‬ ‪#‎WeWillEndure‬



One thought on “#PaintingMyNikesRed

  1. SO agree with you. Nike is the worst and will stop at nothing. Shameful. That is why I am so not into watching Track and Field at the Olympics this year,and why I am obsessed with Oiselle and #Rule40. Nike sucks for sure.


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