Mind Over Miles

I’ve been a journalist for more than a decade. While I love covering news events and writing profiles and features, my most favorite project I’ve worked on in my career was a personal column called “Mind Over Miles.” I wrote my column for about two years for The Madera Tribune, a small community newspaper in Madera, California.

I had just gotten back into running at age 25, after the birth of my second child. After the Boston Marathon bombing of 2013, I decided I wanted to become a marathoner. I told my boss, publisher Chuck Doud, that I was interested in writing a column about training for my first marathon. I hoped that it would inspire healthy and active living in the small town. He said, “That sounds wonderful! Go ahead and write it!”

And so, I did.

It was originally supposed to last just a few months, published once a week. But after I finished my first marathon, The Santa Rosa Marathon in August of 2013, I knew I still had a ton to write about.

Readers seemed to enjoy my column, based on the feedback I got via email and a few phone calls.

Madera also got its first official 5K race — which I had a small hand in organizing — and several running and fitness groups have popped up and have proven to be tight-knit and successful.

When I took another job, I was sad to write my final column: “Farewell from Gazelle.”

It’s only been 5 months and I’m back to writing about running, this time through this blog. I guess I’m somewhat of a narcissist. Haha!

On this page you can find all of my Mind Over Miles columns, published in The Madera Tribune between May 2013 and August 2015.

Audrey and Farin BQ


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